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Chasing 'bows is the way to go.

Posted on September 10 2019

With Don Holton's funeral services and burial  scheduled for mid day here in  Lordville there was no thought given to fishing this morning or afternoon.

Went out this evening expecting isos, there  were next to none. It was  slow until about an hour before dark when there was quite a bit of bug activity. There were olives in various sizes, epherons and swarms of midges hovering about head high over the water. The fish got feeding (mostly subsurface)  as soon as the sun was off the water but it wasn't until the moon was the principal source of light that heads appeared and willingly ate my flies.

My wife and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a drive up through New England. Not sure how long I'll be gone.

If you get any rainy overcast days there should be olives early afternoon on both the BR and UE. Until we get enough rain to take care of the minimum flow requirements the WB will be high and colored. You will move a lot of fish there with streamers but are not likely to get many hookups. A bump in water flow on the EB will send trout back to their home pools. Right now if I were you I'd be chasing 'bows on the BR. 

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  • Fred Zaiko: September 13, 2019

    I hope you have a great trip. Thanks for all the entertaining posts!

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