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Check the flow before you go.

Posted on October 09 2019

The camp close down is underway. Storms up, grill in the garage and one load of accumulated trash taken to the dump. Fly tying room was scheduled to be put in mothballs (literally) today but I got into cleaning the closet and things slowed down. Will attempt to finish the job tomorrow.

In the confusion I forgot to check the USGS  water flows before leaving camp. Drove all the way up to Corbett before realising that the Pepacton release had been bumped up and  there would probably be no pseudo hatch.  Drove from 1:15 until 3:15 (using over a quarter of a tank of gas) without seeing a rising fish anywhere.  The rivers were not crowded but there were people fishing in seven of the pools I looked at.  Was thwarted in my attempts to fish the eighth pool by a road closure.  Black cats crossed my path in Lordville, Hancock and Fishs Eddy.  Probably just a coincidence.

Finally found an open pool on the BE.  Have fished it a couple times this year without much success. The third time wasn't exactly a charm but there were a couple of  fish willing to eat a blind cast. Fished farther down the river than I had earlier in the year and was surprised to see what last winter's ice had done to the riff going into the next pool.  There were several new cuts and channels and I found fish in them eager to eat.

When I finished up there there was just time enough to walk into a pool on the BK that I hadn't looked at since June. Lost one fish and landed a couple nice rainbows to finish up what turned out to be a decent day - despite the black cats, dearth of bugs and lack of rising fish. 


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