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Cold water, lots of bugs and rising fish. Who could ask for more?

Posted on June 20 2018

Yesterday there wasn't a fly in any of my boxes that got the job done.  Collected samples of three different flies that were hatching, put 'em in the fridge when I got back to the camp, took 'em out this morning went to work. Tied a couple dozen flies in different shades of the yellowish green body and yellow/gray wings.  Also tied emergers in various stages of emergence.  Lastly I went to a different place to fish.

Fished from 3:00 until 6:00 on the UEB.  There were many more fishermen on the river than two days ago when I was there last.  There were also bugs, rising fish and kayakers having themselves a roaring good time.  They all made their best effort not to interfere with  "the fisherman", alas all failed.  Somehow I didn't mind.  They are entitled to enjoy the river just as much as I am and they always try not to mess up the fishing.

The new flies?  They worked!  If I hadn't started out one for five it would have been a really great afternoon.

Drove over to the WB and fished from 6:30 until 9:30.  Same flies hatching as yesterday and the fish seemed to like my new flies a lot better than the old ones I used yesterday.  There was only one trailer at Hale Eddy but four boats went by me.  Only one bothered the fishing as he had no choice but to scrap bottom going down through the riff I was fishing.  Don't know him by name but he is always very courteous and apologized for interfering.

My "catch" was evenly divided between the two branches with a beautifully colored brown of 18.5 inches from the UEB nosing out a hard fighting 18 incher from the WB. 

The longest day of the year is at hand.  It should be spent fishing.  The big fish are still eating on top, come and hook some!


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