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Posted on April 09 2016

For those of you who may be  concerned about the absence of Angler119's Delaware River fishing reports, relax.  I've just wrapped up a couple of weeks of spring training in the Bahamas. I feel like
I'm ready to go but the powers that be have assigned me to a rehab stint on the South Holston. Probably a  good thing as there was no finesse work casting weighted flies at bones in 20 mph winds.

In any event the northward migration starts Saturday. A two day stint in Atlanta to watch my grand daughter play in a volleyball tournament will be followed by my stop on the SoHo ( where the first sulfurs have been seen) and possibly the Watauga where (grannoms are ready to pop).

The sense of urgency felt only a week ago when water temps on the Delaware were in the 50's for three days has eased somewhat. 72 is the predicted high for Monday on the SoHo.

With the mild winter and absence of snow pack things are likely tobegin early - I plan on being  there.


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