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Country Roads Take Me Home.

Posted on September 15 2023

Woke this morning to a chilly 68 degrees in the fishing camp and 47 out on the porch. First item on the agenda was to close the upper level (sleeping quarters for guests) windows which suck out the warm air during the summer but let too much hot air escape in the fall. Was stymied by the Thursday Sudoku, (I'll try to finish it tomorrow), shot the bow (quite well thank you), ate a sandwich and sat down to watch our granddaughter's volleyball game (at 12:30 on a Thursday). When they won in three I left to go try to catch some Delaware River trout.

It was the first day of a high pressure system with cool temps, bright sun and a bone chilling (for me) wind out of the north. Fishermen, trout and even bugs don't like it. At 3:30 I was in the water on yet another pool (my seventh) on the UEB in the past ten days. Most have had bugs and at least a few rising fish. Today I had to add an adjective (very) to the number of fish. It was hard to tell about the number of bugs because of the glare on the water and the wind.

The Fishing - Lets just say it wasn't great. Had to fish about a quarter mile of stream to get to the "good part". On the journey I saw wind blown bugs but no rising fish except for the nine inch brown that ate my blind cast. When I got to the "good part" there were a few rising fish and I did well on them. Cast at seven risers, hooked five, landed four and was ignored by the other two. And then the sun set, the bugs stopped hatching and the fish quit rising. 

Headed back to the car (a long walk) and drove back to the Lordville Estate to watch our granddaughter's second game ( at 7:00 on a Thursday). In which they lost in three, to a mediocre power five team (West Virginis)  in straight sets.


  • D. Martin: September 15, 2023

    I caught more Bows on the BK and the Willow this past Spring than ever before. I said the same thing last year as well. I think it’s been a few solid years for their movement throughout the river system.

  • Ed Smith: September 15, 2023

    Angler119- My day was similar to yours. Fished the BK and the Willow. Clear, windy and cold. No bugs and only saw one fish rise-once. Managed to land a few blindcasting an ISO parachute and a tan spent caddis. Got 5 fish the best was a 16” rainbow. Also caught a 12” Brookie? ? Always interesting. Sorry to read your granddaughters team lost all three. Still a thrill to watch her play. Keep warm. Ed

  • Chris Z: September 15, 2023

    Random question, are we seeing more rainbows on the upper east branch? Traditionally this is a brown trout fishery but wondering if rainbows are moving in ad they have done on the lower BK.

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