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Covid-19 and shiney new sedans.

Posted on April 07 2020

The Lordville Road runs four miles from NYS Rte 97 to PA Rte 191. The three miles from 97 to the manikin house in Lordville is a twisting and turning down hill run.  If you are coming from Hancock on 97 and make the turn onto the Lordville road with any speed, you can put the car into neutral and actually coast the entire way to downtown Lordville. The road then crosses the Delaware River and runs for the last mile to 191.

The road is usually lightly travelled, you might meet a Fed Ex truck, the mail lady  or perhaps a flatbed struggling up the hill carrying slabs of bluestone to the mill, but often times you make the entire trip without passing a vehicle.  Until this year.  From the time I arrived three weeks ago there has been traffic on the road. Quite a bit of it actually but it wasn't until a line of six sedans, all shiny new ones, came down the hill while I was going up that the light came on.

There have been bike riders, joggers and dog walkers (with dogs actually on leashes) going by the camp  every day. This never happens except  maybe on a holiday weekend. The sedans were the big clue.  Fishermen all drive SUVs and the locals with Trump 2020 signs in their yards drive pickups. It's the owners of the  second home that line the river that are here.  They have fled the greater NYC metropolitan area and are (hopefully) self quarantining in their vacation homes. It's nice to see people making use of the area, I just hope they don't bring the bug with them.

The fishing? You already know. It's the fourth paragraph after all.  There was bright sun, high pressure and a gusty wind. By my count that's three strikes. Drove all over and never saw a rise. There were small caddis in the bushes and an occasional mayfly hatching but not a single trout to be seen. Maybe tomorrow - - - 


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