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Cutting The Cord.

Posted on August 23 2023

No, I'm not talking about after birth care or even getting rid of cable TV. I drove up to Deposit early this afternoon and just couldn't do it. There were sulfurs hatching and some fish rising in a brisk wind. There were lots of anglers, all of them casting sulfurs at fish that were wishing the damn hatch was over. So was I. Turned the car around and headed east.

The fishing - In a word, delightful. The BK was, at 675cfs, a bit higher than I'd like, but it was algae free, not slippery, and clear. Descended a newly installed set of stairs, walked down a mowed path to the river where I rose eight fish (mostly yearlings), was refused by five of them and landed a young brown and rainbow. The stairs were nice, but someone just maybe is fishing the pool.

At my second stop I had to hunt for the trail, remove a long multiflora rose runner from the path, pick up several downed limbs and plow through the knotweed just to get to the river. Noticed some waxwings flying over a riff two hundred yards up stream of the pool. Waded up and was into fish (Waxwings and fish know where the isos are). It was a mix of hatchery browns and wild browns and rainbows. There weren't many isos but the fish, that were all surprisingly fat, were looking up and most weren't fussy about what they ate. 

About 5:00 I drove back to Lordville and dutifully mowed the lawn, remembered to put the gutter spouts back down, jumped (nor really) into the car (it was 6:45) and headed out to fish the evening hatch. Picked a pool in the lower section of the WB and was treated to a nice olive hatch. In less than an hour and a half I hooked five fish and landed four. The best being an 18 inch brown. 

Never saw another fisherman after leaving Deposit. If the rivers continue to drop and it stays cool we are in for some good fishing, just not in the "Sulfur Zone".


  • Duke: August 23, 2023

    Love your fishing reports. So much great info in a very pleasant writing style. Cheers.

  • Greg Tarris: August 23, 2023

    Always appreciate the update. Especially interested that the Isos and BWOs are making more of an appearance. Thankyou

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