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Day - Night doubleheader.

Posted on August 15 2016

Left at 7:15 this morning to try a little trico fishing. Found a good sized group of spinners being attacked by waxwings over a run on the EB. Got in the water and saw fish eating duns. Within fifteen minutes there were spinners on the water and even more risers. Had fish to throw at for two hours. Hooked about a dozen and landed about half. Fun? You bet. Exciting? Not so much. As is often the case with trico spinner falls, the majority of the risers were juveniles about nine inches long. Usually you get a shot or two at bigger fish and the stocked fish, of course, love to eat anything on top but today I didn't see anything but the little guys. Perhaps the higher water cooled their ardor for the tiny spinners. Skipped the afternoon fishing. The sulfur hatch has run its course on both branches. To be sure there are still sulfurs but "the hatch" is over. In it's place there are olives, isos, caddis and the Yellow Drakes. In twenty five years of fishing the river system, I've never seen Yellow Drakes in the numbers I have this week. Actually saw some duns eaten today. One was fluttering, trying to get off the water and was eaten by a 12 inch trout that grabbed it about four inches above the water. From four-thirty until six I drove up and down the upper EB and WB looking for fish and bugs. There was a dearth of bugs, risers and fishermen. Had my pick of places and chose a spot in the WB no-kill. There was a nice mix of bugs on the water but very little rising. From six 'til eight-thirty I hooked but four fish. The best by far and "fish of the day" went to a 20-incher which just may be a fish I caught twice last year and put pics in the report just to prove it. When I get a chance I'll compare photos and let you know. If you are planning a trip down, make it a day trip and don't be disappointed if you fail to get the skunk out of your waders.


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