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Dead certs shouldn't be bet on.

Posted on April 28 2017

I knew yesterday, which will be a top ten for sure, would be a tough act to follow.

The big river, at current levels is boats only.  It is warming up and there are Paraleps and Hendricksons on my screens but you can't step off the bank without going over the tops of your waders.

The UEB and WB are still cold from the big releases and the bugs are behind.

The Big east is wadeable in some places but better fished from a boat. There were apple caddis starting about 3:00 (when the sun finally appeared) but very few Hendricksons and a dearth of good fish rising..

The Beaverkill is at the best level and temp in the entire system and both the bugs and fishermen know it. It can be waded (watch out for the big flat rocks, they are greased to the max), and there will be bugs.

How was the fishing today?

 Somewhere between poor and awful.  Perhaps the boats did well with streamers on the WB but the boats I saw on the BEB had fishermen sitting down.  The Beaverkill parking lots were full and people  were pulled over fishing the B,C, and even D places.  The pool two of us fished yesterday had six cars parked when I went by. The apple caddis were late getting started and where I was there there were very few mayflies.  The fish that were not trod upon took the day off. I hooked three fish and at six pm was still trying to get the skunk out of my waders.  A 12 incher  saved the day.  I never cast to a fish bigger than the one I caught.

Some days are like that, but right now there is too little productive water for the number of boats and anglers. When the water drops and warms up a bit there  will be room enough to spread out and hopefully fish enough for everyone.


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