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Done too soon.

Posted on June 14 2017

It kind of sneaks up on you. When the first hendricksons started hatching late in April you thought it would never end. We had  a major period of high water where even floating was dangerous and wading was out of the question.  The doldrums seemed to last forever and just when things started  happening the second big rain washed out the better part of the gray fox, sulfur and drake fishing. The lightning bugs are lighting up the yard and as I sat on the porch tonight the last toad stopped singing and all was quiet. It may be a week away on the calendar but on the river it's summer.

I saw a few green drake duns on Sunday on the WB and won't take them out of my vest 'til I fish there again in the evening and confirm that they are gone.  The big bugs are clearly over on the BK, BE and BR.  I stopped in the drake water on the UEB late last night and saw a few coffin flies but no duns. Even the dreaded black caddis are winding down.  Fished the big river tonight and the spent caddis were all over the water. They must not taste good as the fish ignored them.  They also ignored the cahills and an assortment of spinners and tiny olive duns that were on the water.

The releases on both reservoirs  have been cut back.  The 150 cfs on the UEB makes sense.  The 250 cfs on the WB doesn't.  I heard NYC was going to release in accordance with the FFMP which with full reservoirs would give the WB something around 500 cfs.

If you are thinking of coming down, don't despair.  The morning fishing this week has been very good.  This afternoon I fished the UEB and found a mix of bugs that got fish up and eating.  If you read the other blogs the evening fishing is great. I have evening fished every river except the BK since Sunday.  Sunday on the WB I had very good bugs and fishing in high water until the sun went behind the hill.  When it did both the fish and bugs stopped.  They never started on the EB, UEB and BR the other three nights.  If I was in the wrong place each night at least I was consistent.

If you come, get here early, its spinners and caddis in the AM.  Fish cold water in the afternoon and match the hatch.  For information on evening fishing read Ken Tutalo's report he says he's "killin it".


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