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Don't Stop Believin.

Posted on September 28 2023

I've been busy mornings and early afternoons this week. Got what will probably be the last six gallons of water from the Lordville spring this year. Finished the bluebird house restoration project. Went over to the Equinunk garage and ordered two new tires for Jean's car. Mowed the lawn which took time from two days as it isn't dry until almost two o'clock. Cleaned and closed up the upstairs sleeping quarters for the year. Tied the olives that the fish liked last night and then tied another half dozen this morning only to find they weren't on today's menu. Was so pressed for time I even forgot about bow practice today. And, I finally realized that I was missing out on some good fishing.

Why? Well first off, there were clues. Every day this week the fish were going when I got there. The guide yesterday said he had bugs and rising fish from 11:00 'till he took out at Buckingham about 4:00. A fisherman I talked to when I was leaving the Shehawken parking lot today said,  "Go up to the Gamelands, we had three doubles and I got a 20 inch rainbow there yesterday (and I'm not even gonna mention how he did mousing). 

The fishing - It was about the same as the last two days. Except, I lost two good fish, along with a couple of 11 inchers. It shut down earlier tonight, and there weren't as many bugs to begin with. It was better than Monday but not as good as Tuesday. In three days I've fished, almost all the easy access places from the gameland's down to Junction pool. There is almost no algae in the somewhat murky water, and the fish are only too happy to let you know that both your fly tying and presentation need work.

Clearly I've missed the boat. When they are "going" when you get there YOU SHOULD  HAVE GOTTEN THERE SOONER. It's almost October. The water hasn't hit 60 degrees in five days. You should be on the water by say, 1:00, I will be tomorrow. 


  • Jim N: September 28, 2023

    Fished the Gamelands all afternoon. Dead water until 4:30 when the microscopic mayfly hatch started (olives?? Hebes??). Lots of fish were up, but as you said, they were more than happy to make your tying or casting skills come under question. Got a few, but nothing over 12”. Happy to catch something, but disappointed to not get more…..

  • Dennis: September 28, 2023

    I fished theEB last night and it was ok. I got there early 1:30 and stayed till 7. There were good bugs early mostly olives. There were iso, bwo ,caddis and hept. The water was low and clear. I saw a little spike horn cross the river with the changing trees and sun in the background. Beautiful. I netted one 13in. Rainbow and had a bunch of refusals.
    The bugs took a break around 5 and really never came back.

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