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Early afternoon is the time to snooze.

Posted on June 11 2018

With summertime water levels on the rivers and a sunny day predicted, a split day was in order.  Started on the BR about 9:00 am.  There were bugs hatching, fish feeding, eagles eating dead shad and deer along the shoreline.  Never saw a boat or another angler (two of the perks of morning fishing).

What I did see were duns of all sizes floating down the river unmolested.  The fish on the BR have been hammered the past few weeks and they aren't about to eat a hook if they can help it.  Enjoyed nice fishing with an assortment of emergers and spinners doing most of the damage. Was back at the car at 1:00pm and asleep in the recliner before two.

After taking a drive up the UEB where there were "only" three cars each at powerline and  Long Flat, I was (amazed, amused, dumbfounded, stupefied, take your pick) to find multiple cars and multiple fishermen attempting to fish two of the smaller pools on the UEB.  At this level the UEB is a challenge.  The water is low and clear and the fish are spooky. An angler crossing the stream sends all the fish into the deep water.  Three or four people wading and casting in one pool means no one will catch fish. I stopped the car alongside a place on the UEB where there are usually rising fish under an overhanging willow. I saw seven trout dart across the stream into deep water because they saw my car!!!  If someone else is in your spot on the UEB don't ruin their fishing, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, you just might "discover" a new spot.

Decided to spend 7:00 'til dark on the BE and was glad I did. There were a few black caddis around but little else until the spinners (sulfurs) showed up, then there were fish up everywhere.  The last two nights have shown me that there are two good sized year classes (one and two year olds) of fish in the BE and that the fish population in the  river may in fact be on the rise.


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