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Eat early - Fish late.

Posted on June 25 2016

They raised the release out of Cannonsville by about eighty-five CFS and the river was again filled with algae in suspension. Hopefully the worst of it will be washed out by tomorrow so that weekenders can enjoy the river.  Fishing today required that you fish dry flies only and that you cleaned the green slime off your fly after EVERY cast.

I fished an ares above Hale Eddy that I hadn't been in since last year.  Started about three and found summer sulfurs hatching and a fair number of fish to throw to.   They were spooky in the bright light and a poor cast or a refused fly put them down.  The hatch waned about four-thirty and a dead period ensued where there was nothing but hot sun.

About seven-thirty the sulfurs started again and a few fish began to feed.  It was easier to get them to eat with the  bright sun off the water but once hooked the algae became your opponent.  Lost four fish that broke off due to the weight of the algae on the line and on the fish. About eight-thirty when I expected the fish to really get going the bugs quit hatching and the fish quit rising.

Started down river towards the car thinking it was over when I started to see rises again.  Turned on my flashlight and found the water covered with sulfur spinners. Within minutes the river was a boil with rising trout. Unfortunately there were so many spinners that it was difficult to get the fish to eat yours.  Hooked three more fish during
the frenzy, losing another "good one" to the algae.

If you fish this weekend you will need a lot of patience to deal with the algae AND you will need to stay late for the sulfur spinner fall.


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