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Eating at the Circle E Diner.

Posted on September 05 2019

Today was my kind of day, high about 70 and low of about 50. You can do yard work and not have to ring out your clothes, no worries of the streams being too warm to fish and you can take a good walk in your waders without fogging up your glasses. Took advantage of the cool morning to work on the yard. The new grass apparently likes the cooler temps too as it is now growing like crazy.

Left camp about 1:30 and drove up to the Troutfitter shop in Deposit to talk with Dave and see how their first year is going. He said the fly shop has done much better than expected. Said there are big differences between what is sold in the shop in Syracuse and the destination shop in Deposit. Next year they plan to have at least three times as many flies on hand for customers of the shop as they did this year. He also said that they had received many compliments about the rooms from both fishermen and other guests staying at the motel. They are planning on having all eleven rooms ready by opening day next season.

With the Cannonsville released bumped up to meet minimum flow, the water was "stained" in the WB, I left the shop and took the short drive over to the Upper East to fish the sulphur/olive hatch (armed with my olives and both the A and B boxes of sulphurs). The UE above Shinhopple was as crowded as the Circle E Diner on the day the waitresses go topless. Seven fishermen in the Shinhopple pool alone. Turned around at the Corbett Bridge (there is a good pair of wading boots that someone forgot, still sitting by the road at the parking spot just past the bridge) and found an empty pool near Harvard. There were a good number of rising fish eating nothing that could be seen by the naked eye. After two hours of fishing I had hooked (and lost again) but one fish. Fortunately during the last hour and a half, there was an assortment of bugs hatching from isos to the smallest olives. Some of the fish switched to the stuff I could see (including my flies) and made for a happy ending to the day.


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