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Eating liver would be more fun.

Posted on August 30 2016

Today I left camp around 2:15, it really doesn't matter 'cause the sulfur hatch is over up river- and- if there is anything going on anywhere I'm not privy to it. But I've only been fishing evenings and I wanted to know - now I do --- Stay home!!! Everyone else is. Saw one guide the past three days and almost no fishermen.

Fished up in the Deposit area for most of the afternoon and early evening. Hooked one good fish right off the bat and lost him. Then fished a good five hours without catching a fish over twelve inches.

The bugs? There were Golden/yellow (?) drakes up river and Hebes down. Saw fish chasing the drake nymphs up to the surface but they left the duns alone. Everyone (even the fish) know Hebes don't taste good.

I'm on track for one of the worst catch total for August in the 25 years I've recording catches. Yes I missed the first two weeks but I could have missed the last two weeks and it wouldn't have made much difference. Heading home again as an old/new friend and his comely daughter are coming over to the house so he can see the ponds. SU game Friday will keep me home. Until a rain event and a cold front you should stay home too.


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