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Posted on September 23 2018

With the promise of a pleasant drive along the river and a dinner out, my wife joined me on a Sunday trip to the camp.  She made short work of the lawn mowing while I finished up a stump removal project that I started back when it was 90 in the shade.  The back porch, where I had vacuumed up over 100 Pumpkin (aka October) caddis  a little over a week ago was again littered with them.  I've never seen so many!

When the yard work was finished we drove up along the still swollen (4200 CFS) Big River.  Stopped at the Buckingham Launch sight (three trailers) and watched a trout 200 feet out in front of the ramp eating olives.  Further upstream in the flatwater half a dozen fish were rising.  Drove upstream , through town and into the Junction Pool lot.  There was a lone wade fisherman downstream standing in about three feet of water fast moving water  looking for rising fish.  Never saw him cast and never saw a rising fish.  Did see some epherons (white flies ) over the water.

The West Branch  had a wade fisherman in the water at the lower game lands.  There were a few trailers at each of the takeouts and boats on the water.

If the bugs were hatching throughout the system like they were at Buckingham the drift boaters should have had targets.  The waders were limited to places on the WB where the river was wide enough and slow enough to get off shore far enough to make a back cast.  I left my gear at home and wasn't sorry.

We ate at the West Branch Anglers restaurant and had a delicious meal.


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