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Posted on May 24 2019

With the confidence bestowed on me by my last two days of fishing, coupled with the knowledge that the release from Pepacton had been cut back by 100 CFS, I set off determined to match wits with the fish in a couple of pools on the Upper East Branch that I had not been able to wade in the high water.

The hatch started at 3:30 (a tad late) and ended at 4:30 (a tad early). During that hour, I fished two pools. Both had bugs and rising fish, most of which were beyond my comfort zone, casting wise. I again soaked my fly boxes (but not my camera) and was able to get my fly in front of six fish with what I considered to be reasonably good casts. The fish (all of them) were unimpressed. Not one of them even dignified my casts with a refusal. None of them rose again. So much for my matching wits with fish on the Delaware. Over all it has not been a good week for me. One DNF and two decent days surrounded by two zeros.

The BEB, BR and BK have been in the doldrums (it seems like forever). There are March Browns hatching and probably sulfurs in the lower reaches of the big river. Unfortunately with the high water there is no way for me to tell. Talked with occupants of one drift boat at Buckingham that saw a total of two fish rise and very few bugs. Clearly the doldrums have not left the upper part of the big river. I did, however, see two guides towing drift boats up rte. 97 late last night, That might mean it's happening down at Callicoon. With the water at present levels, that's the best I can do.

If you are coming to the Delaware this weekend and have a ride in a drift boat, expect to float the WB (it's where all the boats are). If you are here without a boat and expect to wade, the Beaverkill it's your best bet. If you find the BK too crowded, try the Upper East Branch. The BEB is now also wadeable but there has been little to no bug activity there recently. Do not expect to lose track of the number of fish you catch.
The fish have been pounded and wading opportunities are still limited. Enjoy the river, and consider any fish you catch a bonus.

Read tomorrow's report to find out the fate of the second peach tree.


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