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Even the clouds didn't help.

Posted on September 26 2016

Today I gave it a good try. Left camp at noon and fished four pools on the Beaverkill. Two did not seem to have repopulated and there was no sign of fish. In the third pool I had two fish come to the fly. Both were rainbows and both ate and were landed. They were long and very lean. The fourth stop was a riff and I found numerous yearling rainbows and a few browns all of which were about 9 inches long. Saw a few olives hatching in the riff but saw no bugs or rising fish in the slower pools.

Drove from the Beaverkill to the WB where I tried two places both downstream from Balls Eddy. Saw nothing (bugs or fish) at the first stop. The second pool had a few olives hatching. Cast at three or four subsurface swirls without getting even a look. Did get a nice brown to eat a spinner blind casting.

The clouds came about two and thickened as the day wore on. The wind was gusty but since there were no risers it was not a big factor. Before calling it a day I made one last stop on the big river where I landed one small brown and lost another. Never saw a rise. When the caddis came I saw a couple of small fish jump out of the water chasing caddis emergers.

The water is cold, there are olives and caddis hatching in some places but the fish are not feeding on top. There are a surprising number of people fishing. Perhaps they are doing well on nymphs or streamers. The dry fly fishing has been an uphill fight for me the past six weeks. Am heading home to prepare for the bow season. Unless or until things improve reports from Angler 119 will be intermittent and sporadic from here on out.


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