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Even the eagle left.

Posted on August 03 2017

Took Wednesday off  to "supervise" the grading of our driveway prior to tomorrow's blacktop instillation.  Stopped in Deposit on the way home and fishermen were lined up like a picket fence from Stilesville to Barking Dog.

Got to Deposit today at 1:45 and saw empty pools everywhere.  Parked at the first fisherman- less pool and waded in.  There were a few sulfurs hatching but little feeding activity.  That was the high point.  An immature eagle came down the river and lit in a tree above my head.  Either it was slow going up river or he had high hopes for the pool I was in.  After twenty minutes watching me cast, he left, sure that I would never catch anything.

In the two and a half hours I was there, alone, in a very good pool,  I hooked one big fish which came unstuck about five seconds later, and one 12 inch hatchery fish.  The eagle new something!

Left the WB and drove to the UEB where I never saw a single angler.  When I was driving between spots I did see one car parked at Long Flat.  Fished three places on the UEB and found enough rising fish to make it a decent day.

The UEB is low, clear and the fish suffer no fools.  That said, an utterly stupid 17 inch holdover hatchery trout ate my fly on a cast that was "only dragging a little bit".  He easily won fish of the day.


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