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Even the olives knew

Posted on June 30 2015

It started out sunny, then dark clouds rolled in.  It spit rain
several times in the morning and I had my raincoat on when it rained
the first two places I fished. I was hopeful but really I knew,  The
wind was blowing out of the west, there were patches of blue poking
out between the clouds, and then bright sun. The dreaded high  between
two lows.

Fishermen hate it, fish hate it and even the bugs hate it. Yesterday
there were olives and the fish were on 'em. Today I stopped and fished
five different places (one twice) and I cast at one fish (a hatchery
holdover at that) feeding on top. Fish just don't like the day after a
low passes through. The olives?  they weren't fooled by those dark
clouds. I never saw a single one.


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