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Evening sulfurs get'em feeding!

Posted on June 17 2016

After cutting down and cutting up the tree yesterday I decided a nap would be more helpful than fishing the afternoon sulfurs.  Woke up at four thirty to bright sun (it was overcast and raining all morning) and decided to again seek a shady spot to jump start the evening fishing.

Drove to the upper East Branch which has been deserted by the hoards of anglers who attended the Green Drake hatch.  There were two cars at Long Flat and none elsewhere.  Tucked in against a western bank which still had the sun peaking over it.  There was nothing doing for over an hour.

The first fish that started to rise were yearlings that appeared to be eating a tiny, tiny mayfly of unknown species.  Around seven thirty the first sulfurs started to appear  as did the first sign of feeding by good fish.  The sulfur's got going in earnest  and so did the fish. It always amazes me how a piece of water with no fish in it can
suddenly have good fish everywhere.

The fish were careful about what they ate and it wasn't until I put on the smallest sulfur in the box that they would eat my fly with any regularity. It was an exciting last hour of fishing.  The fish I landed were a mix of holdover hatchery fish of about sixteen inches and wild fish that were a bit bigger.

I fished the area a couple times last year and once during Hendricksons this year and each time I have caught a nice rainbow under the same overhanging limb. Quite sure it's the same fish its a brightly colored male and there aren't a lot of rainbows in the upper EB.  .


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