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Ever see a rainbow on a sunny day?

Posted on September 18 2019

Wanted to go out early this morning but with the temp in the mid 40s, I had to wait until almost ten before the bugs were in the air. Saw a few brown caddis over the water and a small group of tricos jumping up and down trying to keep warm. Was back at camp by 11:05.  Sometimes you just know it isn't going to happen.

Went out this afternoon about 3:30.  Not a cloud in the sky, temp in the low 70s, couldn't ask for a nicer day  - unless you are a fisherman. Drove around looking at streamside  rocks (for iso husks). Saw  none on the BR or BE rocks.  There are lots of  husks on the BK rocks and I did see a few isos duns floating untouched,  down the UE both Mon. and Tues.  In the bright sun there were few if any risers.  When I got in pools with hills blocking the sun there were both bugs and risers. Only problem - I couldn't catch 'em.  Was in a pool on the UE about 5:30 with bugs and rising fish. I left.  Do it to me once, good for you. Do it to me twice, shame on me.  Drove to a pool on the Big East. The sun was off the water and there were a few bugs both in the air (brown caddis and spinners) and a few on the water (small olives and Hebes). Saw a few fish rise but most of them were moving around looking for something to eat. There was a brief flurry of activity and then everything went dead a good 45 minutes before dark. Hooked and landed three 'bows and lost a big brown.  One of the 'bows was a beautiful, heavy 19 incher that won fish of the day by a good six inches.

The bright sun is not the fisherman's friend. The water temps are ideal. There are bugs hatching and fish feeding but man do we need cloudy skies and rain. It's not officially fall yet but the window of opportunity on the bright sunny days is like a late October pseudo hatch. If you are fishing, look for shaded spots where olives are hatching. There will be risers, whether you can catch them is another story.


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