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Fishing amidst the Buttercups!

Posted on June 09 2016

Three shirts and a rain coat didn't begin to keep me warm.  The wind blew over fifteen with gusts much higher - rain came on and off all day and there were even a few ice pellets. The temp never got over fifty two.  Saw only one other wade angler and half a dozen boats all day.

The bugs, for some reason were lovin' it.  By three the water was yellow with every kind of bug you could name.  It wasn't until the sulfurs started to wain that I noticed all the little olives and the isos.

The fish - were slow to get started but fed like crazy from about four 'til seven when things shut down (so much for yesterdays advice).

Dry fly fishing was an event.  I missed rises by fifteen feet.  Drag just might have been a factor in numerous refusals.  But, enough fish ate the fly to make it a great day. My index finger looks like I was pulling up rose bushes bare handed (trout teeth are sharp) and the cork handle on the rod is a nice shade of pink.  Fingers shaking from
the cold should not be used to extract hooks.

As I've said before - "If you can go - go you never know.


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