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Fishing for the humblers.

Posted on October 02 2017

If  you think you're good dry fly fisherman and are up for a challenge I've got the fish to test you on.  Pick a pool, any pool really, from East Branch up to Downsville.  Start at noon and fish 'til dark.  There will be olives, maybe some ants and an assortment of little stuff on the water and the fish will be feeding on top.

Gave myself the test today. The fish were on top eating duns.  In two hours of  casting to rising fish I got two refusals and one boil under the fly.  I tipped my cap to them and headed back to the car. If you take up the challenge, let me know how you do.  Good luck!

With the warm afternoon air temps the last of the iso spinners have been on the big river and the fish are looking for them.  I found fish feeding on spinners the last two nights both in the soft water and in the tailouts.

The fish of the day was a 22 inch brown that was sipping spinners in the tailout of a big river pool.  he was not only fish of the day but is the leader for "fish of the year".  The camera?  In the car.


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