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Fishing is "coming around"

Posted on June 11 2016

With the wind at just  fifteen most of the day it was by far the easiest casting day of the week.  The sulfurs are hatching in good numbers on both branches.  They can be found in the upper half of the WB in the afternoon, providing day time dry fly action that has been missing for the past few weeks.

Yesterday it got up near seventy and when the wind laid down around six it paved the way for a system wide spinner fall.  I found rainbows sipping an assortment of different spinners.  They were careful but it's a lot easier to fool them when they are eating off the surface. As is common with Delaware River bows, I lost almost half of the ones I hooked.

With rain in the forecast it might well be a good weekend to hit the river, after all you can't mow the lawn or do yard work in the rain.


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