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Fishing the dog days of summer.

Posted on July 15 2019

Returned to camp this afternoon primarily to water the new grass. At 7:30, with everything watered down, I decided to see if I could find a few rising fish. Tried a riff in the lower WB that I hadn't fished yet this season. There was one angler on his way back to the car when I got there and I never saw another fisherman. I also didn't see any bugs or rising fish. Had several fish eat blind casts and just before dark found a couple risers in the pool below the riff that happily ate my fly. Given the complete lack of surface feeding it turned out to be a good night of fishing.

Sections of the river that are devoid of boats and wade anglers are usually that way for a reason. BUT - the fish are still there and are more relaxed and easier to catch than their friends up river where the action is. If you have confidence in your blind casting ability, you will have a good chance of getting fish to eat. If you are just looking to cast at risers - go up river.

This and that: Both the bug hatching and trout feeding are moving steadily up stream on the WB and will soon be concentrated in the "No Kill" area and above. I did not locate a meaningful hatch on the UE last week but will no doubt be up there looking again, probably tomorrow. The forecast is calling for some hot days this week and it is likely that one or more thermal releases will be sent down the WB (try to be on the river the day AFTER the release). With the predicted hot weather the BK, BE and BR will again be out of play. There just may be some tricos hatching somewhere this week.


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