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Fishing the forest pool.

Posted on August 03 2021

Back in Lafayette this evening so that I can take care of a few obligations tomorrow morning.  If all goes well I'll be on the river tomorrow.

Did I fish today?  You betcha! After yesterdays fish catching bonanza there was no way I wouldn't be on the stream today.  My arrival home time was listed as TBD (to be determined). If I fished late and was tired, I'd sleep at the LVE and head home early in the am.  If the fishing was lousy, I'd head home tonight. I'm home and it's only 7:00pm, what does that tell you?  Well you're probably wrong.

Got to the river earlier than I have been arriving but later than I'd planned on.  Was delayed watching a golden eagle fly around the pool in front of the camp. He/she lit in one of the silver maples that block my view of the Lordville riff. Also took the time to shoot my bow.  Am determined to become a more accurate archer, there is progress but at my age the improvement comes slowly.

The fishing - Left camp about 1:00 and sorta knew where I wanted to fish. Have wanted to fish there for over a month but there is always a boat or wade fisherman in the spot. Today, no one was there, there were bugs on the water and fish were rising. Pulled on my waders and waded in. For three hours there were sulfurs and rising fish. Four boats came by and there were two fishermen a few hundred yards above me and another two a hundred yards below me but again I had a pool of rising fish to myself.  Had my tail kicked repeatedly the past three weeks but in the past two days the score has been evened up a bit. Left at 4:30 because I'd caught enough fish (people who know me know that just never happens).

Had three days similar to the last two the first week of July then the rains came.  On the Delaware, when it's almost too easy, you know it's not going to last. Just enjoy the moment.  Jim V., put your golf clubs away, Ed S., drive the extra miles, there aren't many people fishing, the bugs are hatching and right now the " Sulfur Zone" is a better place to be. 


  • Jim Vaughan: August 06, 2021

    Advice accepted. Actually no golf—I have spent two weeks attending family functions delayed during the pandemic and cleverly scheduled to be “post-covid”. For a family of Docs, we got that one pretty wrong! If I did not become one of the vaccinated to nevertheless catch delta during the various gatherings, I will be back at it next week. Thanks!

  • Dennis : August 04, 2021

    This is a stupid question but I am going to ask anyway, when a fish refuses your fly does he not like the taste, realizes it’s not a real bug or changes his mind at the last minute. What triggers that reaction when he is 99 percent committed to eating. I never had so many refusals as I did yesterday and it’s eating at me why they do that
    Sorry to waste your time

  • Ed Smith: August 03, 2021

    A-119 Wow Congratualtions sounds like you had day most of us dream of. Thanks for the advice.I’ll definitely find a day to drive the extra miles and give a try. Thanks again

  • Dennis: August 03, 2021

    I am glad to hear you had a great day. I have never been refused so many times as I was today. I did prick some fish but my count today was 8 refusals 4 missed and 3 landed. I guess the fish are getting fussy or my skills are deteriorating!!
    Thanks for the info!!!!

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