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Fishing the humbler.

Posted on September 17 2019

With the lawn in need of a mowing and the wood stacker empty, I passed on early morning fishing and took care of chores. Spent the early afternoon steaming some battered flies and reorganizing my olives, isos and spinners. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the bright sunshine coupled with a stiff breeze made it easy to delay the start of  fishing.

Went out about 3:30 and headed for the Upper East (UE) where the hills provide both protection from the wind and early shade.  It is now the third week of September and every pool above Shinhopple had fishermen in it.  If I find out my blog has anything to do with this I'm going to have to stock it with red herrings.

Went down river and tried two pools I hadn't yet fished this year. Both required a walk and a decent to the river through multiflora roses. The first was a zero. There were olives on the water and I saw but two rises. Never rose a fish and was out of there in less than an hour.

The second pool use to have a rope to aid in the descent from the road, it's gone. The path down river was badly overgrown (a good sign) and when I got in sight of the pool there were risers, lots of them, good ones. The same bugs were hatching as last night and it looked like a carbon copy  was in store. Hooked a hot 15 inch rainbow right off the bat.  It jumped a half a dozen times and tore all over the pool. When the smoke cleared there were no fish rising within casting range. They came back but they were no longer taking duns in a care free manner. They were eating subsurface and very carefully at that. For two hours I cast at rising fish and hooked but two more (one of which was on a sunken, swinging dry fly).

You don't  have to worry about getting a swelled head fishing the Delaware! 


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