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Fishing upgraded to Good.

Posted on July 25 2019

Back on the 6th of July I felt the need to downgrade the fishing to poor. At that time there were still dozens of boats on the water and wade fishermen everywhere. The big bug season had finally ended and the fish were badly beaten up. They rose infrequently, if at all and showed a reluctance to eat anything with a hook in it.

Today things have changed. There are far fewer boats and wade fishermen on the river. While the hatches (outside the "sulphur zone") are modest fish are again looking up and feeding on top. Their mouths are healing and they have some of their old fight back. This could change in a hurry if an armada of boats and fishermen again descended upon the river but its midsummer and that usually doesn't happen.

If you are willing to fish early mornings and the last couple of hours of the day (right up to dark) the fishing is good. In fact for me the last week has been very good. Come down (one at a time), look for a pool where no one is fishing and give it a try.


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