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Five feet high and rising!

Posted on August 03 2018

If you haven't started for the river yet don't.  If you have started - turn around.  The entire system has been hit by heavy  downpours and is unfishable.  The first showers hit during the night and raised the levels but there was still a possibility of fishing up near the dams.

The WB got hit with a gully washer around 11:00 this morning and all of the tribs are raging torrents of orange mud.  The UEB might have been fishable this morning but is off color and rising with a line of yellow and red storms heading it's way. 

When  it is all over the reservoir system will be about 10% above normal with more rain predicted.  Clearly the weather pattern has changed.  NYC scrimped on the releases during the dry spell but has opened up the spigots since the rain came. The fish, bugs and fishermen will benefit from the cold water releases during the coming month.

Enjoy your weekend! 


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