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Flow change update.

Posted on September 01 2016

The release at Stilesville was dropped to 400 CFS today under the FFMP which calls for a flow adjustment on September first. At this time the release on the EB remains unchanged.

What are the effects? It's hard to say. PPL power generation at Wallenpaupak has continued unabated, making it unnecessary for the River Master to call for additional WB water to meet minimum flow at Montague. Haven't been able to get the projected generation schedule as the data is not currently loading on their web page.

The reduction wasn't drastic but it will make it harder to float the WB. It will also provide less cold water to the fish in the upper big river. Although my fish sample is admittedly small, all of the fish I have caught between junction and Stockport in the past month have been very thin. If the hot weather continues they will be further stressed. Hopefully the cooler nights and shorter days will keep temps there at acceptable levels.

The fish have been crowded into their thermal refuge areas for an extended period and they badly need cooler temps and a substantial rain event to let them spread out into the entire river system. If you can postpone your next trip until later in the season, do so. You will get better fishing and healthier fish.


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