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Posted on September 11 2020

The front finally pushed through this morning, no precipitation just cooler drier air along with a 10/15 mph breeze out of the north and a rising barometer.  Was delighted to finally get the temps back down to what is now normal for this time of year (71/49).  The down side was the cloudless sky, bright sun, stiff breeze and rising barometer. None of those things are good for dry fly fishing so I again worked on the storms.  Most of which needed substantial reglazing.  Glazing is not one of my better talents but I plugged away at it and have most of it done.  Put a second coat of paint on a couple storms that were in better shape and hope to finish the rest next week.

Left camp at 4:30, stopped at the Post Office, gas station and the Troutfitter (needed a spool of tippit).  Drove around looking for risers and bugs.  Saw a few rises in the pool below the Town bridge but no bugs to speak of and no boats.  There is not a lot of boat traffic on the system right now but most of it seems concentrated on the lower WB and the upper BR below junction pool. There were three trailers at Stockport and a half dozen at Buckingham.  Don't know when they put in, what they were throwing (streamers or nymphs), but as a dry fly fisherman, if I had won a free trip, I would have tipped the guide and driven back to the Lordville Estate until the sun went behind the hills.

The Fishing - Put my waders on at 6:00 and tried the bottom riff on the EB.  Not so much with hope of catching a fish but just to kill time and be doing something.  Twenty minutes later I was back in the car driving downstream.  It's Friday night but there was still lots of room. Hesitated for a minute at Stockport (3 trailers, 2 cars), but drove on down below Buckingham.  Fished a riff, a run and a pool in solitude.  There were white flies, olives, brown caddis and some tiny little spinners.  Saw risers to cast at and got enough refusals to know that there were boats that had gone to Long Eddy, I still managed to hook enough fish to make it an enjoyable night of fishing. Better days are coming.


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