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Posted on June 28 2020

Last Sunday the weekend crew attempted to answer questions that had come in as well a thank those who had left comments. It resulted in the publication of a half written page and required Dave's  computer skills to straighten out on Monday morning.  Hopefully they do a better job today.

Chris Z and Kip H - When I write of the UE I'm talking of the East Branch from Downsville to East Branch.  It receives cold water releases from Pepacton Reservoir and is a prolific producer of wild brown trout.  There are several camp grounds along its fifteen mile length and I would speculate that there is considerable pressure from campground owners to keep the stream stocked.  While the hatchery trout provide entertainment and are easier to catch than the wild trout, they are, because of their size, able to dominate wild trout of a similar age class taking the best lies for themselves.  Research has shown that the wild trout population in streams with reproductive capabilities will decline when hatchery trout are introduced and will substantially increase when stocking is terminated.  There is no need to stock the UE.  Nor, in my opinion is there a need to stock the WB, which is done by dumping an excessive number of hatchery trout into Oquaga Creek.  Oquage warms up and the fish quickly drop down into the WB.

Dennis, Dick and Walter - Etiquette is a problem that manifests itself when too many people attempt to crown into too small a space. It happens on roadways, in arenas and of course on the Delaware River System. My tolerance for rude, inconsiderate behavior is not known to be high. At the same time there are many fishermen who are unaware of what constitutes proper etiquette.  Sorting out the uninformed from the rude and inconsiderate (who are often silver tonged) is a problem.  Education of the uninformed is sometimes helpful, conversations with the rude and inconsiderate rarely helpful.

James - Wading slowly and quietly is the key. Have put fish down in a quiet pool on the UE when I was so cold my knees started shaking and sent a wake across the pool. With regards to the rod - I am fishing an eight foot four weight Winston graphite rod that was last made in the mid 90's.  The tip is soft enough to make accurate casts with very little line.  Todays "parking lot rods"  will boom out 80 foot casts (in the shop owners hands) but are too stiff in the tip (at least for me) to make accurate short casts. Some of today's fly lines with  aggressively weighted tapers will also help cast long distances but delicate presentations up close are (again for me) an impossibility with then.

Thanks go out to Chris Z and Dennis for posting  their observations from different parts of the system and to Jim for his helpful suggestion that Ii take my wife out to dinner (she reads the blog) and we dined out last night.


  • jim vaughan: June 29, 2020

    Thank you for replying. I will take your advice to heart. I was thinking off a new rod to go with my “retired guy” urge to dry fly fish the WB more. For now, I will stick with my 1980 vintage 8’ 5wt. very soft tipped Orvis “trout” rod and focus more on my scouting, wading, etiquette and casting abilities. Thanks, keep writing!!!

  • Dick: June 29, 2020

    “Go Winston”. Diane and have been using them for years… we are particularly fond of the old IM 6 and WT series…, great tools and if used properly can become and extension of your arm and mind… my new Pure 10 for 4wt is traditional Winston, a great experience in close as well as further out when needed …, for my money no one makes a more beautiful rod than Winston… great comment about parking lot rods….

  • Chris Z: June 29, 2020

    Thanks for the shoutout! I learned all about fly fishing as a student at LeMoyne college when I wandered into the original troutfitter!!

    I will never forget how Wayne and everyone that worked there would take time to teach a college kid. That experience opened up an entire world for me.

    Your reports are fun, educational and honest which make them a great daily read

  • Kip Herner: June 28, 2020

    Now that you explained what you meant by UE, I completely agree. I also agree with your statement about the Oquaga.

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