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Found a way to beat the heat!

Posted on August 28 2016

Today was another scorcher One of far too many this summer. Chose to stay at camp and work on distributing the top soil/gravel that I purchased earlier this year. After a cool shower and a short nap I felt good enough to at least drive around and look at what wasn't happening.

Left camp a little after 6:00 and took a drive up the EB. Saw a dark haired angler heading downstream from the junction of the EB and the Beaverkill with a smirk on his face and a large creel over his shoulder. The EB was near 70 at Harvard and the Beaverkill had to be well over 75. Perhaps he was hoping to find fish belly up overcome by the heat.

Traffic was heavy heading back to NYC but everything was quiet when I turned up RT30. Saw a single cars parked at several pull offs and kept going up past Corbett to see if there were any bugs in the cold water. Found a few olives and nary a sulfur. Fog enveloped the river as I looked for risers. Found one working along a seam on the edge of the current and made, for me, a very good cast. He ate it. It was a fat 17 inch hatchery holdover that gave me a good fight before being netted.

Full of myself for making the cast and for catching the fish I continued downstream a short distance until my left foot caught the top of what turned out to be a big slab sided rock. Got my right foot over the rock while falling forward but when it landed on the down slope it was all over. My first dunking of the year. Wallet and socks were dry but the fly boxes are drying on the kitchen table.

If you are going to fall in do it when the temp is in the 90's.


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