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Fridays really aren't all bad.

Posted on August 16 2019

As most regular readers know, my fishing is done Monday through Friday. My bride is in charge of the weekends and this weekend is our 34th wedding anniversary. We had originally planned a three day trip but the forecast for rain each day led us to postpone the travel until sometime after Labor Day. The net result is that I fished today and am now obligated to write the report.

It's a Friday and it is noticeably different from the rest of the week. Traffic on Rt 17 picks up by early afternoon with people heading out of NYC for the weekend, more trailers are parked at takeouts, more drift boats are on the river, cars are parked by pools that haven't been fished all week, no vacancy signs appear at motels. In short the Deposit/Hancock metropolitan area comes alive.

So what does that have to do with a fishing report? Nothing. Except that on Friday it becomes harder for me to find the solitude I need to truly enjoy fishing.

Finally he is going to talk about the fishing. This morning I drove up the Upper East (UE) in search of - no not Tricos, (I've given up on them), an empty pool. As luck would have it, the very pool I wanted to fish last night was vacant. Didn't hesitate, geared up and went fishing. Regular readers are now expecting me to regale about the massive trico hatch and all the fish I caught on the spinner fall). Forgedaboutit, was looking for olives and when they came the fish fed, but boy did they look at each and every fly. Fished three and and a half hours to rising fish, ran out of 6x tippet changing flies, cast at times like I'd never held a fly rod in my hand, but boy was it fun. Caught enough fish that I had to write them down to remember (if I catch three I can't remember unless I write 'em down). A 19 inch brown was a dead cert for fish of the day.

When I went out to fish "The evening hatch", couldn't find a place where someone wasn't standing in the water or there weren't already three cars parked. The rain raised the WB and BR last night and the cloudy day kept it cool. Kept driving downstream until I ran out of anglers and gave it a try. You tell me - if you knew you were only going to see two rises and hook but one fish blind casting, would you take my place in the river? The blind cast eater turned out to be a 19.5 inch rainbow. Hooked both risers, lost one and the other was a 19 inch brown!


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