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From 9:00 'til dark, it ain't bad.

Posted on July 12 2019

It's the end of the week and I decided to do a split day, opting to skip the mid afternoon madness of the "sulphur zone". Started at the lower gamelands (my first visit this year) and fished about an hour and a half. Never saw a bug or a rise. Reeled it in and started up the trail to the car. Ran into a Troutfitter regular heading down the trail and convinced him to do a 180 and head somewhere else. Saw him and several other TFRs at the shop in Deposit about 5:30. Said he fished in the sulphur zone and had rising fish to throw at all afternoon.

Returned to the camp to rewater the new lawn (there is actually now some green showing) and then set out for the evening fishing. Without a clear plan in mind I drove to several spots which already had anglers (it's Friday night afterall), and finally settled on fishing the BR up high. It has been cooler the past two days and there has been quite a bit of cloud cover. The water temp (on the PA side) was fine, if only there were a few bugs to get the fish up it could be good. Well, it wasn't bad, but it could have been lots better. The bugs never really got going but what fish did rise at least gave you a look. Hooked and landed a 19 inch brown that won "fish of the day" in a cake walk (whatever that is) and enough medium and smallish rainbows to make it the second best day of the week.

Where to fias this weekend? You want bugs and rising fish? Suck it up and fish somewhere between the "17" pool and Stilesville. Make sure your pockets are zippered up so the guy fishing next to you doesn't reach in and take your flies. Don't complain to me about the number of fishermen and boats. Don't say they rose but they wouldn't eat. I've told you where to go and how to catch fish.

Above all have a great weekend.


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