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From the Penthouse to the Outhouse.

Posted on May 31 2020

It was a cold day with a biting wind that no one should be required to fish in.  Many people didn't.  For a Sunday during the peak of the "big bug" season there were surprisingly few boats and wade fishermen on the river. They were the smart ones.

This morning when the temp got above 50, I ventured into the Lordville riff.  There were a few caddis surfing on six inch high waves.  My hat blew off (first time this year) and needed to be chased downstream.  Never saw a riser and headed back to the camp after but twenty minutes.

The afternoon was more of the same.  Decided  to try and get out of the wind (wishful thinking) by fishing out front of the little parking area above the red barn in Stilesville.  Haven't fisher there in probably ten years and may not again.  For sure there are fish but it's just not water I enjoy.  Got a nose bump from a good fish, caught several 9/10 inchers, lost two twelve inchers literally at the net, pulled out of a really good fish that ate just as I was picking up the fly, tied numerous knots in the wind and froze my keister off.

Drove for the camp with the heater on full blast.  Stopped at Buckingham for a look see at about 6:30.  One boat was taking out and another was waiting.  The water was covered with bugs, brown and green drakes, march browns, gray foxes and lots and lots of sulfurs. Had they caught all they wanted?  Or were there no trout up eating the bugs.  When guides quit early it's best not to ask.  Did a u-turn and drove to Lordville where the water was also covered with bugs.  Fished 'til dark without seeing a single head come out of the water to eat a fly.

It being the end of the month I spent some time rereading the postings for the season. Do this every so often as it helps keep things in perspective. Reread several  comments sent in by readers that I have neglected to acknowledge or thank. Andy, Pete, Mike and Dennis, if you are still trying to make sense out of my verbiage, thanks for caring enough to offer your comments.

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  • Geoff: June 01, 2020

    Sounds like my day except gamelands,balls eddy shehawken,calicoon.

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