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Give me 90's on tests and 75's on thermometers.

Posted on August 10 2021

 Even Jean who loves the heat said it's too hot. For me the last three weeks were just the way I like it, cool enough during the day to do a little yard work without being drenched in sweat and with nighttime temps in the low 50's, it's been great for sleeping. Tonight it's 80 again inside the LVE and 77 on the thermometer out on the porch. Gonna be a hot night.

Was in no rush to leave camp this morning.  Bugs started to go at noon yesterday but with the cloud cover today, was pretty sure they would be a bit late. Drove up to Stilesville on Route 8 only to discover that I had been marked tardy and that things had proceeded without me. There was an unbroken line of anglers from Cold Springs Brook to Butler Brook, standing at parade rest with their rods over their shoulders seemingly waiting for the command to cast. Drove all the way down along the river to the barking dog takeout without seeing anyone casting, or for that matter a single fish rise.  What I did see were anglers in every possible place I could fish except the pool above the town bridge. If that doesn't tell you how "good" that pool has been, nothing will. Have a rule against fishing the same pool two days in a row so it was not an option.

My second pass along the river a little after two had bugs hatching and the army of anglers casting.  Completed the circuit once again without finding even a lowly "C" pool unoccupied. Fished a run almost no one ever fishes (with good reason), saw three fish rise once each, none of which looked at my fly.  Rose three fish blind casting, hooked two and landed one, a 12 inch brown. With the skunk out of my still leaking boots I reeled it in and at 4:00 pm drove back up stream only to find that reinforcements had arrived. The original troops were still there and enough reinforcements had appeared to foreclose any possibility of me fishing.

Drove back to camp and did enough work to require a second shower.  Hung the dripping wet clothes out on the porch and turned on the laptop to check water temps. Was surprised to find the Hancock gage said  62.  That means that you can fish both the lower WB and the upper BR above where the water mixes with the tepid EB water. I did. Seven thirty was way too early but by 8:15 there were olives and judging by the splashy rises, isos. Ended up hooking four fish which has in recent weeks become my evening  norm.  The fish are hot, they make long runs and are hard to land quickly. I threw a cast out of bounds to stop the clock but there still wasn't time to hook another fish. Am back in the car before nine now (8:54) even with a long walk. 

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  • JIM VAUGHAN: August 10, 2021

    Your perseverance and open mindedness in locating so many different potential areas of this large system during one day is pretty amazing. You certainly “keep the faith” until after sunset regardless of road blocks throughout the day!

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