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Give the fish a chance to eat your fly.

Posted on June 13 2020

Had time this morning to fish before heading home. Chose a place on the big river, the water level and temp were ideal.  The air temp and wind were another matter. There were neither bugs nor risers and I was relegated to blind casting for the entire three hours I fished.

Have always been one who enjoys blind casting. Why?   You get to cast, which I enjoy.  It makes you a better caster.  It teaches you where the fish are.  Every once in a while you get a fish to come up and eat your fly.  Never have seen a fisherman who is standing with his rod over his shoulder looking for risers catch a single fish.

So how did I do?  Turns out I was prophetic.  Yesterday I said you would be fishing mostly for smaller fish but that there would probably be a couple of chances at a big fish every day.  Started off having a big rainbow eat a caddis and tear into my backing before coming unstuck.  The next three fish were small browns under 10 inches. Hooked and landed three two year old browns and then had a second big 'bow take my fly, jump and come right at me.  He was gone in the first ten feet.  Fished my way back towards the car and hooked four more browns the largest was 16 inches, the other three were two year olds.  The only rise I cast to all morning was an eight inch brown.

I've fished the BR for over thirty years and this is only the second time I've caught all browns and no rainbows (April 4th this year was the other). 


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