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Glad I've got stock in Exxon/Mobil

Posted on October 16 2021

Am probably the only person in all of New York grumbling about the weather,  it's simply beautiful.  Fifteen degrees above normal, bright sun and the leaves are at their peak.  Driving up and down the river system (which I did today) afforded me one beautiful vista after another. However, the pseudos have decided they like it right where they are and are not hatching until they get some cold snotty weather. Yesterday I had a very good pseudo hatch with rising trout for almost three hours on the UEB. Today they were nowhere to be seen. The fishermen on the UEB also vanished, saw two drifters and zero waders. Maybe it got going after I left but I saw neither bugs nor risers.


Spent some time in the afternoon on the bugless BK, rose three fish, two of which ate and were landed. Then on a hot sunny afternoon I drove back to the BR which was still 150 cfs above my comfort level, in hopes of finding rising fish. Stupidity knows no bounds. Never saw a bug  or a rise. It's now 5:15, time to call it a day, if not a season, and what do I do but drive from Buckingham all the way back over to the BK at Horton. You can't teach stupid but every once in a while the angel that looks after you shows some mercy. It was by no means great. Didn't need a calculator to count bugs, rises or fish caught but from 5:45 until 6:45 there were some rising fish. Hooked five, landed four and drove back to the fishing camp thinking "You may be crazy but you sure have a lot of fun".


Heading home to fulfill social obligations and check my trail cams. The weather is supposed to get back at least close to normal.  If the deer are moving, I'll be up in a tree.  If it gets cold enough for pseudos to again appear, I'll probably be back down. If you are going to be here fishing, go over to the BK, UEB or Willow. Right now the BK and Willow are at ideal levels for wading and the UEB should have pseudos and rising fish afternoons two 'til five. But what do I know, I'm crazy.



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