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Posted on October 21 2021

Knew it was time before I got out of bed this morning. Was going to drain the pipes today but it was just so nice I decided to wait until tomorrow. Mowed the grass, washed the kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaned out the cupboards, had lunch, shot the bow and before I knew it, it was 2:30.  Didn't matter, fishing today was like the last day of the Tour de France (mostly ceremonial).

I've been playing this game for a long time. Every day I thank whoever might be listening, for having a wife that lets me do the things I enjoy, as much as I want (well, she does control the weekend calendar). Also am grateful for having been raised by a father, grandfather and an uncle all of whom hunted and fished their entire lives. I got into bow hunting to save my hearing as all of the aforementioned were deaf as a post from firing guns without ear protection. Fly fishing? How lucky can anyone get, with no forethought I became addicted to a sport that lets you preform with reasonable competence, long past any other sport (with the possible exception of golf), and you don't even need to worry about getting up a foursome.

 I've had a very good year. To my regret, I long ago learned that not everything is within my control. The excessive amount of rain and the unprecedented hot weather from early July on, have made fishing a challenge. I'm as sick of fishing the BK as I was fishing the "Sulfur Zone" this summer but "It's the only game in town".  If the releases are cut back, I'll be back down for a crack at the BR 'bows or the WB browns but for now I'm heading home to try for that 10 pointer that has posed 2Xs in front of my trail cams.

The fishing -  (Please note that I didn't choose italics, the Dell did). Skipped the BK and spent from three until six trying different pools on the Willow. Found rising fish but the only bugs hatching were midges.  (When fish are eating midges or worse yet, black specks, they have eyes for nothing else). Clipped feathers off my sparsest string thing and finally got them to look. Landed four of six all 12/13 inch hatchery fish. Oh, almost forgot, standing out in the river in near darkness, I was almost sure I could hear the fat lady sing. 


  • Dennis: October 22, 2021

    Good luck with the 10 pt!!!! Thanks for all your work this summer keeping us all informed and all the great tips to make us better fly fishermen!!
    I’ll keep checking the site to see if you harvested the big 10 or if you made it back down to catch some fish.
    Please keep posting. Good luck

  • Ed Smith: October 21, 2021

    Sooty was a typo should be —sorry.I guess I should proof read my responses

  • Ed Smith: October 21, 2021

    P.S. Where did you end your day .I took my shot with a short time at Hazel Bridge almost at dark . There was an angler below me. Was that you? If so I ‘m sooty I didn’t get a chance to say hello

  • Ed Smith: October 21, 2021

    Glad to hear you landed some fish . If today was your season enderit was a good way to end it. I bounced around the Bk,UEB and the Willow to no avail. Hoping to see some pseudos or perhaps some tan caddis. Or midges . Didn’t have any success. But the weather was gorgeous—maybe to nice.The days are getting shorter and will soon be much colder, so the end is near.

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