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Gone, gone, gone (my baby's) gone, gone, where she go, go go, I don't know - - -

Posted on August 26 2021

Just hit what was possibly the last key of a five paragraph blog page - - and - - for at least the fourth time this year it vaporized. Don't have the desire, energy or creative genius to even try to do it again. You are all spared having to read it and I on the other hand, have to go take my blood pressure medicine.


  • EdSmith: August 27, 2021

    I not sure what the difference is between a whine or a mewling and I don’t want to enter into a debate . However ,this sounds the dropped paragraphs where more like a technical”clitch “which mysteriously happens like when autocorrect changes clearly spelled,simple words into something unintelligible. Best way to find out what happened is to ask your grandchildren(that’s what I do ) Mewling /whining who knows.I do know that in addition to Angler 119’s blog being informative and entertaining, it also offers opportunities to expand our vocabulary, which is always worthwhile. Thanks

  • Dennis : August 26, 2021

    I really don’t want to be a wise guy but it kind of sounds like a WHINE to me. It’s definitely not a mewling. I hope all the plumbing went well
    Take care

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