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Gonna Find Me A Bluebird.

Posted on September 29 2023

Not a word of a lie. Two or three years ago I did the fall cleanout of the bluebird houses and the next morning I looked out the kitchen window and there were the bluebirds checking out the nest box as if to see if I did a good job. Yesterday I spent several hours repairing, replacing, and cleaning out the bluebird boxes and this morning the bluebirds (that I haven't seen since their second brood fledged in late June) were once again out there checking out the new bluebird box. I raised the rent and they didn't stop by the camp to sign a new lease, so I guess I'll just have to wait until April to see if they will be staying here next spring. 

Never tire of watching the neighborhood deer and it appears that they never tire of watching me. Most of my deer watching is done either from the back porch or through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. The deer will stand out side begging me to get my hooked stick and shake some apples off the tree at the corner of the porch. When I finish breakfast I often go and sit in the recliner in the fly tying room and catch up with the news on my PC. Last week I happened to look out the window in the fly-tying room and two deer had their heads around the corner of the porch staring at the fly-tying room window. Since then I've looked out the window when I get to the recliner and sure enough one or more deer will be out there looking right back at me. Probably should get curtains for the bathroom window. 

The fishing - Wasn't as interesting as the bluebirds and the deer. Was out of the camp by 1:00 and fished a pool on the BK where I hooked and landed a 14 inch rainbow. Drove to the UEB and then to the WB without seeing any bugs or rises. About 5:00 the first bugs and rises appeared. Hooked and lost a rainbow about the size of the BK fish, then hooked and landed a nice 16 rainbow. From 5:30 until dark I cast at risers and never hooked another fish. There was an upstream breeze that never laid down. It blew my fly upstream so that my leader always got to the fish before the fly. I fished the same olive that worked two nights ago maybe it was the wind and maybe I just wasn't good enough to fool them. 

With spawning time upon us there will be fewer big browns eating flies. This time of year it becomes more productive to fish for rainbows.


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