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Posted on June 19 2020

With the freestones near the 70 degree cut off point I decided to go early and try Junction pool.  Seven cars in the lot at 8:00 changed my mind.  Went further upstream and got into feeding fish. After starting out 1/4, I settled down and landed some fish.  Finally managed to get one of the big rainbows that have had no trouble shaking free of the hook, into the net.

Was back at the camp by 10:30 doing prep work for the trim painting job. Painting will start Monday.  Upgraded both the small spinner and olive boxes.  Weeded out a few that the fish have had their way with and filled in the blank spots with new ones.

Didn't leave camp until almost six this evening and wasn't in a hurry.  For a Friday there seemed to be a dearth of both boats and wade fishermen on the WB.  It's been tough fishing.  The sulfurs haven't really gotten going and the bright sun has pushed other bug hatches into the twilight hours. The water in the WB is full of green algae.  I'm a dry fly only (DFO)  fisherman and there is algae on my fly after almost every cast. Think twice before nymphing or swinging wets.

The fishing - It is really decent IF you have the flexibility to fish when the bugs are hatching or dying.  The fish are eating, just not when most people are fishing. Be on the river early,  go play a round of golf mid-day and then be on the river again about 8:00.  You have to catch them quick because the window of opportunity closes fast. With the limited number of bugs hatching  most of the feeding fish are the two year olds. Pay attention, I said "most", if you are on your game you will get  shots at big fish, just not many.  This week I landed one fish over 18 inches everyday except Wednesday and if you have read the reports you know how many I've lost. By next weekend the sulfurs should be going in the afternoon.  Until then fish early and late, what you do mid day no one will ever know.


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