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Having to tie more olives is a good thing.

Posted on September 09 2021

Has it occurred to you that we are living in a strange world?  Politics aside, Covid-19 has been a huge disruption. It's been  over 20 months since the onset of the pandemic and the supply line is still in disarray. Manufacturers can't hire enough workers or even get the necessary parts to make their products. It is certainty symbolic of the problem rather than being an important factor in anyone else's life but I have been unable to buy a new pair of G3 Guide waders for the past several months. Simms just can't seem to make them fast enough. Turned down a pair that were "Camo" color a month ago, telling the very nice sales person that they were for duck hunters. Have been wading "wet" ever since. 

As I'm sure you all know the freestones were all blown out again last night. That left the two tailwaters to fish and I decided to head to the WB. Picked the rest of the peaches this morning, got my archery license and headed up to Deposit to have Dave order the waders (delivery date unknown). With little evidence of wade fishermen or boats I set out about 3:00 with the hopes of fishing an "A" pool for a change. My hopes were quickly dashed when each of my two upriver spots had an angler in them. Drove past the game lands where there were four cars in each of the two lots. My last stop before heading for the UEB was a pool in the lower river that I couldn't see from the road. Walked in and there were two boats parked in the pool. Was ready to turn around and go when one of the boats pulled anchor and rowed out. From 4:00 until 8:00 six boats went by (two stopped to fish). Was surprised by the traffic on a mid week day in September.

The fishing - It's dark by 7:45, and on a cloudy overcast day there were bugs by about 5:45. If it was bright and sunny there probably wouldn't have been bugs much before 6:45. When the olives came there were enough to get the fish up and feeding. Had lots of fish to throw at and hooked a nice bunch of fish evenly divided between browns and bows. The fish were two and three year old's with one 17.5 inch rainbow thrown in as a bonus. 

One of the problems with fall fishing is that the window of opportunity closes a little more each day.  When the bugs hatch and the fish are feeding, it's good, but you better catch'em quick. If I had to drive two hours each way to fish for two hours, I'd probably be home erecting tree stands rather than tying more olives. 

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  • Jim N: September 11, 2021

    Fished on Wednesday in the wind and sun until the rain came in. The junction pool had waves, the upper gamelands had less wind and fish rising to something tiny. Thursday had perfect weather, clouds and no wind, but the fish weren’t rising consistently to the olives at barking dog or lower gamelands. Frustrating fishing but enjoyed the bald eagles and ospreys and the big bow that broke me off after showing me how big he was above the water.

    So tell us about the olives you tie please. Size, style that work the best for you.

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