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Head to Pulaski, the salmon run is on.

Posted on September 16 2019

After five days touring the northeast I was ready to get back to the peace and quiet that is found at the Delaware River this time of year.

Started off by taking a ride up to Deposit to check out the WB.  It's muddy but there were rising fish in the usual spot just downstream from the grass island below the 17 bridge.  One boat (the only one I saw all day)  was anchored there with a sport casting at the risers.

Stopped at Hornbeck's in search of Dai-Riki hooks (they are out of business and I'm trying to get a lifetime supply of the ones I use),  had a nice chat with Lloyd, and came away with 4 boxes of hooks. Then stopped at the Troutfitter Shop to chat with Dave. He and his brother had fished the BR on Sunday and I wanted a report. It wasn't  good. They saw very few isos and no risers. Dave caught the fish of the day - ask him about it when you see him.

Next stop was Roscoe, I knew Dennis who owned Catskill Flies had passed away but was surprised to learn that the "Little Store"  a Roscoe landmark for 75 years, is no more and that the Beaverkill Angler moved to a new location. Turns out both events happened over two years ago (and I thought I was in Roscoe several times every year).

The fishing:  On my drive down the Beaverkill, which is very low, I saw very few fishermen. Carin's pool did not have one fisherman in it. I stopped put on my waders and fished it for the first time in at least ten years. The fish at the head of the pool were eating dandruff and other stuff of similar size but were happy to look at and sometimes eat my flies. Two more stops on the BK also produced fish. All the browns were hatchery fish but I did hook six wild rainbows. At about  four,  I headed up the Upper East. There was but one fisherman below Shinhopple but at least four in the Shinhopple Pool. The pool almost always has rising fish but they are very hard to catch. It seems wade guides are taking their sports there in groups. I went back downstream and found an empty pool (there were lots of them) with pseudos and rising fish. Had a ball. Counting all the fish, at all the stops, it was my second best day of the year. Two 18 inch browns shared fish of the day. I love it when the salmon run is on.

Special thanks to Fred Z. for his complementary comments, knowing there are people out there reading this stuff makes it easier to write.

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  • Matt Morlock: September 17, 2019

    119, really enjoy reading your blog everyday. Packed with great information and stories. Keep writing! Tight lines!!!

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