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Heading home.

Posted on August 29 2018

If you're thinking of fishing Thursday or Friday - think again.  The last two days have been dreadful. The wading is difficult (haven't seen another wade fisherman in the water), the bug hatch is declining and the bigger fish are not rising.

I've been fishing since last Friday and had four relatively good days but with the high water wading opportunities are limited and I've had to fish most places a second time.  In each case there were fewer bugs, fewer risers and more refusers.

Last Saturday over 20 boats floated past me.  Today in the same place there were two.  I have seen one angler hook a fish from a boat all week (he lost it).  Those in boats that I talked to were not setting the world on fire (some were having trouble even getting the kindling to burn).

Why?  Beats me.  It was hot and humid the last two days but the water temps (except for the BK) were ideal.  Bright sun has never bothered fish in the sulfur zone and with all the cold water one wouldn't think it would bother them now.  Perhaps the cold water has slowed down their metabolism?
A couple years ago when they ran 1500 CFS in the WB because of the leak scare the fishing was off the walls, great hatches of stenos and big fish up everywhere. This time not so much.

The outlook.  The flows will probably be adjusted downward on the 1st of September.  It will sure make wading easier and if it gets the fish feeding on top again the drift boaters won't mind rowing around a few wade fishermen.  Will it help the fishing?  You won't know 'til you go.

Where are the fish?  Probably everywhere.  The water temps have been at acceptable levels since the first big rain in late July.  With over of month of high, relatively cool water I'm sure most fish have left their thermal refuges and are back in their old haunts.

Wait for the flow reduction before heading to the river.


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