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How bad is it?

Posted on September 07 2015

With the West Branch being bumped up another seventy five cfs to meet minimum flow requirements there is little likelihood of  good surface activity again today.  To add insult to injury the weatherman is predicting ninety degree temps for the area on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I fished an olive in a good run on the WB yesterday just before the cloud cover disappeared. Saw a couple olives hatch along with half a dozen stenos.  Never saw a fish rise to a natural or to my fly.  A guide with two sports was anchored above me throwing bobbers in all directions with the same result.

The last few days of the DRC daily reports show pictures of mayflies and river graphs in lieu of "angler with fish" pictures (never a good sign).

I have closed the camp for the next two weeks and am taking a trip out west  with my bride to drive up the west coast, see the red woods and listen to the elk bugle in Yellowstone park.  Hopefully by the time I get back cool rains will have refreshed the entire river system and we can enjoy some beautiful fall fishing.

In the meantime, enjoy a family barbecue on Labor Day, drive home with care and wait for a change in the weather before heading back to the Delaware.


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