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How do you right a listing ship?

Posted on August 26 2020

 After getting my tail kicked on both Monday and Tuesday evening, I went out  firmly committed to righting the listing ship.  With the morning temp at 43 there were options. Decided to fish the WB water in the BR.  Waited until 9:00 for it to warm up a bit and then suited up. Rose three fish within the first fifteen minutes, one refused my offering, the other two ate and were landed. As the temp rose the wind picked up and I was soon fishing in a 15 mph gusty wind. The only bugs I saw over the water were honey bees that were crossing the river to extract pollen from the knot weed blossoms.  Rose several more fish all of which refused my offerings (most of which were dragging at the time the fish took a look). 

It was delightful to be out in more seasonable weather, there was space behind the hills for the first time in two months. Tackled the porch fascia boards after lunch. The two sides are done, a second coat on the south facing side will finish the camp! 

Left about 4:00, not so much because I thought there would be bugs and feeding fish but rather to just take a ride around parts of the river I haven't fished in two months. Drove up to the UE which, if nothing else, was out of the wind. Found bugs hatching (isos and those little brown, don't call me an olive, flies).  There were fish rising but they were mostly yearlings. Hooked and landed two very thin two year olds and butchered a cast at what I thought was a better fish.  Things quieted down about seven and I got in the car and drove back to the BR.  There were Epherons in the air along with some iso spinners.  Took a rather long walk along the river looking for something to throw at and finally found one fish sipping on the far side of a rock. The fish refused the first cast and then moved up stream where I had a clean shot.  Changed flies and a nice 16 inch rainbow ate the first cast. 

Two nice rainbows and three smallish two year olds does not right a listing ship but it's sorta like I at least got the bilge pump running.

Editors note: My wife Jean, who faithfully reads my posts early every morning and is something of an expert on sales, called my attention to yet another problem with the wording in the "California Dreamin"post. She felt that the phrase  "too many sales up in a stiff breeze" was probably not correct as most sales are located in malls where there is little or no breeze.  She went on to say that perhaps using sails or even sheets would make more sense. Her comment has been duly noted.

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  • Jack McDonald: August 26, 2020

    Thanks so much for putting out your column/fishing report! It is really helpful and I love all of extra comments on life and other bits of wisdom. One question – I can understand most of the abbreviations (WB for west branch, UE for upper East Branch, etc) but what is the BR?
    If you let me know you will be a VIP PDQ in my book……… LOL

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