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How high's the water Momma?

Posted on August 19 2021

 If you are looking for a fishing report, you've gone to the wrong site. Got a call at 5:00 AM this morning that we now have a swimming pool in what was the basement. The house is almost 40 years old and we never had a water problem  -  until a month ago. In the past month we have been hit with three torrential rainstorms, Tuesday night we got four inches of rain and water came in.  Last night I don't know the amount of rain but there was two inches of water on the basement floor. 

We have gutters and drainage that carries surface water away from the house.  That wasn't the problem. We have an artesian well and water occasionally bubbles up out of the ground in areas near the house.  In the past the drain tile under the house would carry away any water that built up under the cellar floor. This morning the water was coming up out of the two cellar drains.  Why? Over the years there has been a significant build up of limestone in the pipes. The drain pipe that comes out of the ground  down the hill is about 80 % filled with limestone.  

A plumber is arriving tomorrow to assess the situation.  Unless there is a way to break up the limestone and remove it from the drain pipes the cure will no doubt be expensive.

When I left the Lordville Estate in the early morning fog the rivers were still running low and clear. The first flood water I saw was the Chenango in Binghamton. The Tioughnioga up near Marathon was a raging torrent and little Rainbow Creek on our property was suitable for white water kayaking.

Will not be on the river until at least next week and with Jean departing for a visit to our daughter's in Florida next Tuesday morning any fishing will depend on the remedial work schedule. The fishing has been both good and bad lately. You are best advised to get out of the Sulfur Zone and fish to fish that haven't received as much pressure. The hatches will be weather dependent but there are almost always bugs late. Watch the water temps, the colder the water the better the bugs (except for white flies).  Look for tricos in the morning, isos, ephorons and olives late.  As they like to say at WBA, "Lotsa Luck".


  • Jim N: August 20, 2021

    Hope your plumbing problems get fixed quickly…

  • Dennis: August 19, 2021

    Hang in there. I hope all goes well for you and your wife and the pipes can be reamed out.
    Take care

  • Ed Smith: August 19, 2021

    Sorry to hear about the flooding in your basement.Hope your able to fix it without too much expense or damage to your property.

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